Davenport Public Library Transforms Outreach

Davenport Public Library works to meet with community members at all types of unconventional outreach events — from local farmers’ markets to the annual anime convention. To effectively promote the library and gain new patrons at these events, it’s crucial for the library to put its services in the best light.

“With Leap, we have a more immediate impact because we can do something for the community right then and there.”
—Amy Groskopf, Library Director

Download the case study to learn how the library’s implementation of Polaris Leap helped staff members:

  1. Serve patrons (and sign up new ones!) using a PC or tablet and barcode scanner
  2. Deliver an efficienct check-out experience at outreach events
  3. Issue library cards to new patrons, far beyond the library walls
  4. Show non-library users more of what the library has to offer the community
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