Innovative Research Report: The State of Academic Libraries

Today’s academic researchers and professors have countless sources of information at their fingertips. According to a new survey, they view their campus libraries as offering the most trusted, authoritative information. Yet, they also say that libraries’ search tools haven’t kept up with the online world, and they rank libraries the lowest for ease of use compared to commonly used research tools.

“88% of professors trust resources from the library—but only 36% say they’re easy to use. Compare that to Google, which only 8% trust, but 88% say is easy to use.”—Survey results by Witt Associates, on behalf of Innovative, March 2019

Get all the details by downloading our exclusive research report, including key takeaways from the survey, such as:

  1. Researchers throw out wide nets as they start a project.
  2. Researchers check so many sources because they struggle between ease of use and authoritative information.
  3. Academic professors and researchers highly mistrust online resources due to prolific misinformation.
  4. The full breadth and depth of library resources are not easy to see.
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