The All Together Now Idea Lab Challenge is On!


The Innovative Product Team invites you to participate in the Second Quarter 2022 Idea Lab Challenge: All Together Now! 

How can it be easier for Sierra or Polaris to make batch changes? What would an ideal workflow look like? 

For Sierra, how could batch updating records go more quickly or easily? Think about batch update workflows, using review files, and improvements to Global Update and Rapid update. 

For Polaris, what would make working with record batches go more quickly and easily? Think about workflows for modifying multiple records at a time through record sets, bulk change and ad hoc bulk change.  

Submit your ideas for how Innovative can help you efficiently make bulk changes in Sierra or Polaris. This challenge starts on May 23. 

Do you have something in mind that would make it easier to make a bulk change? Access the All Together Now Challenge in Idea Lab and submit your suggestions there. Idea submissions are open until June 6. 

Getting input can make good ideas great. Voting and commenting will continue through June 13. 

Pairwise voting begins July 5. When you enter the challenge and click on the Pairwise tab, you’ll be prompted to choose your favorite idea from a series of several pairs of ideas until you’ve seen every possible combination. Vote on as few or as many pairs of ideas as you’d like, and invite your colleagues to vote, too! 

We look forward to seeing your ideas and appreciate your effort! 

What is Idea Lab?
Idea Lab is the website hub for our customer-driven innovation process that informs Innovative product roadmaps. To participate, simply go to Idea Lab, and enter your username and password. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s not too late – simply follow the instructions on the Idea Lab FAQ and join in! 

Happy Innovating!