2021 Most Read Resources


As we kick off the new year, we’re counting down our most read resources from 2021. This year’s highlights include tips on utilizing Sierra Worklists, ILS fact sheets, and a whitepaper reimagining late fees.

Reviewing these topics can provide a firm understanding of where libraries are coming from as we approach the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. Without further ado, here are our most accessed resources from 2021.

  1. eBook: Re-imagining the Library Experience LX
  2. Research Report: Impact of COVID Lockdowns on Public Libraries
  3. 3 Ways Sierra Will Help You Deliver a Better Library Experience
  4. Polaris ILS: Do more with less and deliver better patron experiences
  5. White Paper: Are Library Late Fees a Barrier to Equity?
  6. 2 Ways Sierra Will Reduce Your Library Overhead
  7. eBook: What is Bibframe
  8. Resource Sharing reduces library services overhead
  9. Fact Sheet: Polaris Leap
  10. Fact Sheet: Polaris ILS

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