And the Idea Lab Winners are…


Hello Innovative Users!

We are pleased to announce the results of our recent Polaris and Sierra roadmap challenges!

We recently conducted two timed challenges to identify features our users would most like to see in an upcoming release for Sierra and Polaris respectively.  And without further ado, the winners are:


Sierra Public Services Smorgasbord Challenge 

With 640 Pairwise Up Votes

Submission: Clearer confirmation of hold modifications in My Account

Inspired by: An idea from Always Open- Sierra

Submitted by: Eeva Stierwalt

Proposed for: Sierra 5.1, Q4 2019


Polaris Potluck Challenge 

With 881 Pairwise Up Votes

Submission: Ability to suspend holds in bulk from the patron account

Inspired by: An idea from the first Polaris timed challenge

Submitted by: Wes Osborn

Proposed for: Polaris 6.4, Q4 2019


“We are very pleased with the participation we received during these challenges”, said Jennifer Thie, Innovative Director of Product Management and challenge sponsor.  “The input we received enables us to focus current development resources on the items that matter most to our customers. As we implement these winning ideas in upcoming releases, we look forward to a strong continued partnership with our amazing customers.”

Development is planned for upcoming releases, with initial delivery targeted in Q4 2019. If your favorite idea was not the top vote-getter, never fear.  It will live on in Idea Lab. If there is not already a version of the idea in Always Open, create one!  And don’t forget to encourage your friends to comment and give it a “thumbs up.” Visit the Innovative Idea Lab.

Special shout out to our wonderful Idea Lab Leadership team 

We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Renee Brumett, Springfield-Greene County Library
  • Jeremy Goldstein, Minuteman Library Network
  • Gwyneth Jelinek, Fayetteville Public Library
  • Beth Juhl, University of Arkansas Libraries
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS Library System


What’s next for Idea Lab?

We hope you will join us at IUG 2019 where we have several Idea Lab Enhancement sessions scheduled, as well as Roadmap and What’s New Sessions planned for Polaris and Sierra.

Innovative Sessions Idea Lab/ IUG Sessions
Polaris Roadmap & Strategy, Mon 1:30 Getting Started with Idea Lab, Mon 2:35
Sierra Roadmap & Strategy, Mon 1:30 Joining the Idea Lab Team, Mon 4:30
What’s New in Sierra, Mon 3:00 IUG Enhancements Forum, Tue 3:00
Polaris Feature Prioritization, Tue 1:30 Joining the Idea Lab Team, Wed 3:00
Sierra Feature Prioritization, Tue 4:30
What’s new in Polaris, Tue 4:30
What’s new in Polaris, Wed 1:30
What’s new in Sierra Wed 3:00


Please visit the Idea Lab team in the Innovative booth during breaks!  We will be there to answer questions, help set up an account or just discuss great new ideas.


Keep sharing your ideas

During the Innovative Enhancements Forum, we will announce the scheduled challenges for the remainder of 2019. In addition, our Sierra Always Open and Polaris Always Open spaces are open continuously and users are invited to submit ideas across a broad spectrum of categories.

If you have never visited Idea Lab, please join us! Create an account now. If you haven’t visited in a while, please come see what’s new!

Please spread the word to colleagues at your own institutions and beyond about joining Idea Lab. At Innovative, we are committed to user-driven innovation that will benefit all our library partners, and we look forward to the next Challenge with you.


Happy Innovating!
Innovative Idea Lab Team