Five Public Libraries Beta Testing Innovative’s New Website Builder


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is thrilled to announce five influential public libraries are serving as  beta partners for its newest  product, Vega Promote Web. As beta partners, these libraries will test and launch Vega Promote Web, Innovative’s website building and management tool developed specifically to help public libraries better engage with and serve their communities.  

The partners include: Allen County Public Library (IN), Sullivan County Public Library (IN), Orion Township Public Library (MI), Fauquier County Public Library (VA), and Rochester Hills Public Library (MI).  

Aja Michael-Keller, Director of Communications at Allen County Public Library said: “Our website is so much more than just a page of text. Many times, it is the first experience a patron will have with our library and we want them to know that when they connect with us – even online – they can expect a high-quality, engaging, informative, and relevant experience at every turn. We’re excited to use Vega Promote Web from Innovative to bring our vision to life. We believe we’ve found the tool that will serve patrons efficiently, showcase our amazing library, and still be easy to manage amid the day-to-day needs of our busy library system.”  

To help libraries get started, we’ve partnered with a creative agency specializing in technology and digital services for city and county governments and mission-driven organizations to lead the onboarding and site planning process for Vega Promote Web libraries. The agency has also designed our library-specific web templates with unique needs of public libraries in mind. Beta testers will work with the agency to design and launch their new websites. 

Vega Promote Web gives libraries autonomy to create and manage their own websites to easily showcase their ever-evolving services, programs, and resources. By empowering libraries to independently modernize their digital presence, Vega Promote Web bolsters community engagement through a robust and integrated online user experience.  

Innovative Senior Product Manager Nathan James said: ”We know the challenges libraries go through to build a unique library website that they can update on their own and that seamlessly integrates with all their other patron services. With Vega Promote Web, libraries can now build websites on par with the best websites out there.” 

Vega Promote Web is part of the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite, an ultramodern, cloud-based platform to enable public libraries to build better patron relationships.  

 Vega Promote Web is available today for libraries of all types. It can be purchased independently or bundled with other Vega LX modules. To learn more, contact your Innovative Account Manager or our info team.