Innovative Mobile Launches New User Experience to Boost Patron Engagement


Innovative, part of Clarivate, launches a new user experience as part of their Innovative mobile library app, to support libraries in boosting community engagement. Innovative Mobile is the library’s patron-facing app, encouraging patrons and community members to easily engage with the library from anywhere.  

The new user experience enables easier app setup for greater engagement, and to better attract additional patrons, including an upgraded app layout for improved accessibility and readability. “Librarians can easily update the library app to reflect their library colors and logo as well as upcoming events”, says Kat Cuff, Director, Product Management at Innovative, “but more importantly, they are empowered to reflect the colors and values of the library and the community they serve.”   

Innovative Mobile, created in collaboration with Solus, is a powerful tool to make library services, resources and offerings easily accessible to the community, by meeting the community – whether existing or future patrons – where they are… on their phones! From promoting library events via the Vega Program integration, to the unique Innovative Mobile Reading Tracker, and extensive e-content support – libraries can boost their digital presence in a convenient and user-friendly way that engages and pulls in their community for continued interactions.  

Behind the scenes, Innovative Mobile is a full-service library app with features that range from simplifying online payments and providing low-cost patron self-service options, to supporting digital library cards and a self-check. The app is fully customized to each library’s logo, colors, and layout, to best represent the library, its values, culture, and initiatives, including over 20 language options. With the new user experience, each library can easily design and customize their layouts and offerings for their community.  

Innovative Mobile works with Sierra and Polaris libraries and includes search integration with Vega Discover for seamless connectivity to the library’s resources and patron accounts.  

To learn more about the Innovative Mobile app, visit our Innovative Mobile product page orcontact Innovative today.