Introducing a New Product Roadmap Format


We are excited to announce our new online product roadmaps that were mentioned in our recent webinars to better keep you informed on the status of the product enhancements or major initiatives.  Our new Product Status Boards offer real-time status of our roadmap features.

View Product Status Boards here:













How to Use the New Product Status Boards

  • Each product has its own tab on the board.
  • Under each product tab, you will see separate sections for release phases which contain feature cards that describe the capabilities currently in that phase, helping you to see the progress for various features.
  • As the Innovative Product Team makes progress on features, we will move the cards so you can see which phase the feature is in, such as: in planning, in progress and being developed, released into general availability, and if applicable when they are in Beta.







Let Us Know the Features You’re Interested In

Additionally, you can indicate when a feature is of interest to your library. To provide feedback:

  • Click a Feature Card to see the description of what is being built.
  • Choose a level “How important is this to you?”
  • Enter comments and your email address so that we can notify you when the feature is released
  • Click Submit
  • We will aggregate this information in our Product Management tool and the details will help us to better understand your needs, prioritize and plan accordingly.
  • Note: This is a complement to Idea Lab. We will continue to use Idea Lab to capture product enhancement ideas, and to collaborate and determine which enhancements are most important to our broader community.