Load Profile Training returns


Load Profile Training is back! There is a new self-guided Load Profile training available online for all Sierra and Millennium users. Load Profile Training helps you understand the structure of the Sierra database and Innovative record structures and will help you learn how to manage and create load profiles. 

The online training consists of videos that total more than eight hours—but don’t worry, there’s a checklist to help you keep track of your progress. You will also find an extensive, searchable training manual, a sample load table, and more.  

Load Profile Training is available online on Innovative’s Training and Learning Center, for free, at https://innovative.libguides.com/LPT/ 

And while you’re looking, don’t miss all of the training resources available for free at our online Training and and Learning Center! 

Looking for more training opportunities? See the full Innovative training schedule here: https://bookwhen.com/innovative