New Sierra Offline Circulation Client Now Available with Sierra Release 3.4


Innovative recently launched Sierra Release 3.4 with a new Sierra Offline Circulation client and additional enhancements to give library partners more customization options as they manage their system and data.

New features in Sierra Release 3.4:

  • New Sierra Offline Circulation client. The new Sierra Offline Circulation client has a modern look and feel and a simplified installation process for Sierra libraries. The new client can be used with previous Sierra releases.
  • Access to Fines Paid through Sierra SQL Access. Libraries can now use Sierra SQL Access to query all fines paid information from PostgreSQL. This gives library partners more freedom to search their data and report on it in custom ways.
  • Improved Collection Agency settings. Collection Agency settings have been simplified to provide a more intuitive workflow for staff. Libraries can easily configure the settings to better fit their needs. New fields include Relative Start Date and End Date.
  • New option to hold requests at pickup location before transferring. Libraries using Title Priority Paging can add a delay when the system is evaluating whether a newly available item should fulfill an existing hold. This delay provides staff at the pickup location with the time and choice to pull available items from their shelves.
  • Fund Activity Report includes user information. Information logged with each voucher and encumbrance now includes the login name of the staff member performing the transaction. This login information is also available for export when the Fund Activity Report is exported to Excel format.
  • New Invoices API. Returns invoice data for a specific invoice ID.
  • New Funds API. Returns funds and can be filtered by internal fund name.

For more detailed information, library partners can review the Sierra 3.4 release notes on the Innovative Supportal.

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