Polaris 7.1 Delivers More Acquisitions Functionality in Leap, Improved System Administration, APIs


Polaris 7.1 introduces significant improvements in acquisitions functionality for Leap. Acquisitions staff can now use Leap to manage supplier records, fiscal years, and funds, including adjusting fund balances and transferring money between funds. The existing invoices workform from Polaris 7.0 has been updated to support edit workflows, and there are new workforms for purchase orders, purchase order line items and invoice line items.  

You can also bulk add titles to a PO from a bibliographic record set and transmit purchase orders to a supplier via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This suite of features will enable acquisitions staff to review order data anytime, anywhere.  

Leap also has a new Label Manager utility in the Utilities menu. Spine labels can be generated on demand (from the item record), or you can configure Leap to automatically generate a spine label when an item is created. Staff can also configure their label type and print method in the existing Leap Settings menu. 

Polaris 7.1 introduces a new web interface for Polaris System Administration that supports managing staff members, workstations and PAPI keys (more below). It’s the first Polaris web interface to support SSO using OAUTH2.0 and Active Directory Federated Services. A minimum of Windows Server 2019 is required and there will be a separate installer component for this interface.  

Polaris 7.1 also includes the ability to assign endpoint-level permissions to Polaris API (PAPI) Access IDs, providing control over the data individual vendors can access using the API. The permissions functionality is available through PAPI Key Management in the new web interface mentioned above. PAPI Key Management will continue to be available in WebAdmin for the time being, but will not support managing permissions. The release also includes new transaction subtype 324 to record the Access ID used to initiate the transaction via the API and provide a better audit trail for third-party vendor transactions.  

For a complete feature list and system requirements, click here to read the full What’s New in Polaris 7.1.  

Polaris product development is focused on continually improving both the staff and patron experience. Polaris Leap is a six-time winner in the Modern Library Awards for its premiere staff experience, which enables most library staff to complete their work within a portable web interface. 

If you have any questions about Polaris 7.1, or are just excited to begin the planning process for your upgrade, please contact your Site Manager at 1-877-857-1978.  To schedule a Polaris demo for your library, Contact Innovative.