Polaris 7.4 delivers new serials functions in Leap, multi-factor authentication, and more


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is pleased to announce that Polaris 7.4 has been released. 

The Leap web staff client sees many improvements in this release, including support for multi-factor staff authentication. Staff can now also make bulk changes to patron record sets in Leap, and reports on bulk changes will be available via the new Background Processing work form. 

Polaris 7.4 also brings to Leap the ability to create new and manage existing publication pattern prediction fields, copy serial holdings records and print serials labels. You can also manage purchase order line item segments with new options to receive individual segments, split receive segments, undo receipt of segments, and copy segments to an invoice. These features mean that most technical services staff can use Leap for all of their day-to-day activities. 

The library-driven improvements in Polaris 7.4 include a checkout API endpoint to PAPI, which will honor existing self-check configuration settings for blocking conditions, so patrons will have a consistent experience across library solutions. Libraries can now choose to view and update a patron’s preferred pickup location and username in Leap, and there is a combined hold picklist with a streamlined workflow for unclaimed, requests to transfer, and cancelled holds. 

For a complete feature list, click here to read the full What’s New in Polaris 7.4. 

Join us April 19, 2023, to learn more about Polaris 7.4 in a free webinar. Click to learn more and to register. 

If you are ready to schedule your upgrade to Polaris 7.4, please fill out the Polaris Upgrade Request Form found in the Polaris Supportal > Help Desk > Add New Service Commitment (login required). 

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