Polaris 7.6 updates the Leap MARC editor, improved vendor cooperation


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is pleased to announce the release of Polaris 7.6. This release is focused on expanding technical services functionality in Leap, library-requested enhancements, and support for new and updated vendor integrations.   

 Highlights of this release include: 

  • Bulk Waive Fines – Administrators are now able to define bulk waive criteria and schedule patron charges to be waived overnight.  
  • Advanced MARC Editor – Updates the existing Leap MARC editor from being dialog-driven to using in-line editing. Also introduces more hotkeys for editing MARC records.  
  • Item Templates – Supports managing Item templates in Leap.   
  • Acquisitions Workslips and Vouchers – Allows staff to print purchase orders, line item workslips, and invoice vouchers in Leap.    

This release also expands our serials functionality in the web by introducing serial claim actions, the claim alert list, and improvements to publication pattern prediction for Southern Hemisphere titles into Leap.   

For vendor integrations, this release includes support for SFTP transmission of EDI files and exported notices. We’ve also made some improvements to the overall notices export process, including the ability to export hold notices more frequently and an enhanced export profile that contains more ID values for ease of posting the notices via PAPI.  

For a complete feature list, click here to read the What’s New in Polaris 7.6. 

If you will be upgrading from an older version, be sure to click here (login required) to view the latest system requirements document which has also been posted in the Downloads section on the Supportal.  

If you have any questions about Polaris 7.6 or are excited to begin the planning process for your upgrade, please submit a ticket for your Site Manager in the Supportal Help Desk portlet.