Quick Guide to the new Innovative Users Group Product Enhancement Process


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is pleased to share that Innovative and the Innovative Users Group (IUG) have agreed on a process for voting on enhancements to Innovative solutions: the IUG Member-Exclusive Enhancements Process, or MEEP. 

The IUG, is a library-led community that has active online forums and famously hosts a large annual conference. The IUG also has several smaller regional and special interest groups, many of which host their own conferences. Crucially, the IUG also works closely with Innovative to ensure that library-requested features are added to Innovative solutions. 

The IUG recently took the opportunity to come up with a new process for voting on features and fixes that would be incorporated into Innovative products. The IUG worked closely with the Innovative Product team to ensure that the process was folded into the Innovative product planning and development procedures.  

Ideas for new features originate in Idea Exchange, where all Innovative users—not just members of the IUG—can submit, comment on, and vote on ideas for Innovative solutions. (Read more about Idea Exchange here.) The MEEP process then starts when IUG Working Groups look at the ideas on Idea Exchange that got the most votes, and works with Innovative to estimate the amount of time and effort needed to implement each feature. The IUG member institutions then get to vote on the ideas they would most like to see. Innovative has committed to implementing the features selected using the MEEP process within specific timeframes.  

The IUG explains the process in more detail on their website. 

You must be a member of the IUG to participate in the MEEP process. If you are not yet a member of the IUG, you should know that the annual membership fees are very reasonable, and you can join any time. Click here to learn about joining the IUG. 

Going to IUG2024? Be sure to catch Innovative’s VP of Product Management Toni Minick and IUG’s Idea Exchange Co-Coordinator Sarah Frieldsmith of the University of San Diego at their talk on Monday March 25th about understanding the MEEP enhancement process!