Resource Sharing 3.0 SP1 Now Available with Expanded Patron Authentication Options


Innovative recently launched Resource Sharing Release 3.0 SP1 with multiple new features for library patrons and staff. This release includes expanded patron authentication options, access to configuration for tables library staff and administrators, and more accurate record matching. Best of all, our new development plan ensures that more features will be available to libraries using the Resource Sharing Broker system. This release is available for Innovative Resource Sharing central servers as well as Innovative Resource Sharing Broker servers.

Innovative Resource Sharing is our convenient and cost-effective solution for libraries that gives patrons access to more materials and a better borrowing experience. Our system is known for the highest first-to-fill rates, reduced costs compared to traditional interlibrary loan, and our amazing, already established networks.

Features in Resource Sharing Release 3.0 SP1 include:

  • PIN Support for Patron Authentication via NCIP. Patron PIN information is now available in results for “Lookup User” requests so the correct patron can be selected using the patron PIN.
  • RSB NCIP Service for Visiting Patrons. Library staff can now authenticate a patron for Visiting Patron transactions using the “Lookup User” function, enabled by the use of the existing Resource Sharing Broker NCIP service.
  • Staff Mediated Requesting. Staff members at libraries using the Innovative Resource Sharing Broker system can now submit requests on behalf of patrons.
  • Central Configuration Table Access. Administrators can now view the primary configuration table within the central Innovative Resource Sharing system to access the list of member libraries and view other attributes such as IP addresses and other options.
  • MARC 264 Prioritization for Central Record Matching. Library staff will now see more accurate matching of bibliographic records from disparate systems as the system prioritizes matching records on MARC 264 tagged field data (instead of 260).
  • Simplified Release Plan. Innovative moved the Resource Sharing Broker system and the Resource Sharing central system into one development plan to simplify software updates and increase the number of releases available to libraries using the Broker system.

This release is available for all Innovative Resource Sharing servers and it is the new, preferred upgrade path for our Broker servers. For more detailed release notes, library partners can review the Resource Sharing Release 3.0 SP1 announcement in the Innovative Supportal.

Innovative Resource Sharing integrates with all Integrated Library Systems on the market today. You can read more about Innovative Resource Sharing on our website.