Setting Your Library Up for Success: A Sierra Migration Tip Series – Part 2


 This is the second in a series of tips that can help you successfully prepare your library mentally and physically for a migration from Millennium to Sierra. In our first tip, we explained how Sierra migrations require little downtime and no gap loading. Go here to read more.


TIP: Don’t wait until it’s too late for your server. Make the decision to migrate to Sierra with hosting.

 “It it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

We all know the old adage. When there’s no evidence of some real problem, there’s no need to waste time and energy to even think about it.  While this may work in some circumstances, for libraries, it can be devastating. By migrating to Sierra with hosting, you can avoid hardware failure, downtime, and Innovative can help safeguard you from the risks of a faulty server.

 Here’s why upgrading to hosting when you migrate to Sierra matters to you:


Migrating protects you from hardware failure and network attacks.
Unlike an outdated operating system that may be out of warranty, uses irreplaceable parts, or is no longer supported by a developer, moving to Sierra on new hardware or hosting protects you from network attacks.


Migrating will help you guard against peak time interruptions.
While your current system might be showing no signs of deterioration, it can all change in a moment. Now it the time to protect against a hardware failure would be very costly and stressful, particularly during back-to-school or finals time.


Innovative will devise a complete Sierra migration plan with you.
You don’t have to go it alone. An account manager and implementation expert will create a plan with you. The Innovative Services team has the demonstrated experience and technical knowledge you can rely on to migrate Millennium safely and efficiently.


Sierra with Innovative Hosting frees up resources to focus on new priorities.
Consider all the functions your team is covering now. Are you getting the most for your money in all areas? With Innovative Hosting, you’ll be able to put more resource power on community engagement and collection management while our team assumes responsibility for:

  • Server maintenance
  • OS patches and upgrades
  • Sierra network firewall maintenance
  • System backups
  • Sierra software upgrades

Let us show you what your individual migration would look like, and the experience you can expect.