Showcasing your digital repository in Vega Discover


In a recent webinar, Vega Discover Senior Product Manager Samantha Cunning provided an overview of what will be the protocol for harvesting the OAI-PMH metadata from a digital repository into Vega Discover, where the digital repository becomes searchable and viewable by patrons using Discover’s trademark clean, intuitive interface.

The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, usually shortened to OAI-PMH, provides a framework to allow for metadata to be harvested in a way that is interoperable with multiple systems. The metadata in an OAI-PMH repository uses the Dublin Core metadata format.

The Vega Discover harvesting process will map the Dublin Core–formatted metadata to BIBFRAME, which is the data model format for bibliographic data used by Vega Discover.

This means that the Dublin Core fields become searchable in Discover, so that, for example, a search for an author within Discover will return results from your repository with that name in the dc:creator field. See fig. 1 for a sample of Dublin Core to BIBFRAME mapping.

Screenshot of webinar showing DC:BIBFRAME mapping used by Vega Discover
Fig. 1 – Dublin Core to BIBFRAM mapping used in Vega Discover

When harvesting metadata from a digital repository, you will be able to configure how much of a repository to harvest. The harvested collections are findable in the Collection facet in Vega Discover.

The following OAI-PMH features are available in the beta version:

  • Support of granular configuration of how much of a repository to harvest
  • DC to BIBFRAME mapping (Qualified Dublin Core mapping is still under development)
  • Customization for the button that links to your digital repository
  • Configure the OAI harvester to select specific collections for harvesting
  • Provide filtering by material type according to the dc:type field in the Discover interface
  • Provide filtering by Set in the Collection facet filter in Vega Discover
  • Support for customization in harvesting collections and displaying repository objects in a consortium
  • Support for custom thumbnails for objects in your digital repository
  • Mapping of Linked Data relationships
  • Scheduling automatic data harvesting to ensure Discover reflects the current state of your digital repository

Development of the following OAI-PMH feature is underway:

  • Thumbnail builders for popular repositories

To view the recording of the webinar, click here.

For further details on using OAI-PMH metadata harvesting in Vega Discover, see the Vega Discover User Documentation.

Since this feature is still in beta, contact your account manager to have us enable the feature for your library.