The Power of APIs


Connecting tools with your ILS to unlock new opportunities

This blog post comes from Brad Rogers, Director, Installation & Data Services at Innovative

You did it. You took that important next step and invested in a new Innovative integrated library system. Now how do you ensure that your Innovative ILS will integrate with all those other technology platforms you rely on every day? Especially if you don’t have staff software development resources to take on the task. Or maybe you do have the staff, but they could use some assistance using APIs, or even augmenting that in-house staff with a few more library data and services experts.

These are precisely the reasons why we offer Innovative API Success Services.

We understand how important it is for your library information systems to form an integrated technology infrastructure. Here at Innovative, we give you access to robust APIs, and the expertise to leverage them, to ensure you are can make the most of all your technology investments.

Sierra, Millennium, Polaris, and Virtua all have APIs that allow other disparate systems to access data and services.  This means our solutions and our consultants are equipped to support you through most any third party product integration for:

Looking to customize an app or design a user interface or database? Our team can work to help you deliver those unique experiences, too. And we’ll support the language and platform you currently use, including PHP, Java, Objective-C, HTML5 and Python.

Sound like the kind of service your library could use to form an integrated technology infrastructure and offer better user experiences? Let’s talk. Send us an email at and we’ll determine the best services plan for your library’s success.