Webinar Recap: Build Your Library Brand with Vega Promote Web


Webinar Recap: Build Your Library Brand with Vega Promote Web

Powered by both website expertise and library expertise, Vega Promote Web gives libraries unmatched freedom to build a website the way they want and makes it easy for library staff to update their website any time without coding knowledge or the need for help from another department or vendor.

Promote Web Senior Product Manager Nathan James co-hosted a webinar in July with Maria Laude, Senior Technical Solution Consultant, to introduce Promote Web and share some of their favorite websites. They pair discussed the best of web trends and how libraries can match—and even stay ahead of—those trends using Vega Promote Web.

Nathan explained that patrons continue to have evolving expectations; “With more than 50% of the population now Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennials, people are growing up with technology in a way previous generations did not.” Promote Web gives libraries tools to engage their community and attract new patrons. Key features in Vega Promote Web include:

  • Library-Specific Website Templates – Start off with templates that fit your unique library
  • Vega LX Integrations – Build a library website that seamlessly integrates with Vega Discover, Vega Program, and Sierra and Polars ILS patron authentication
  • Drag and Drop Editor – A no-code solution for easy web page design and editing
  • AI Content Generator – Work smarter not harder. Get an assist from the AI content generator to avoid struggling with copy
  • Multilingual Display – So everyone can understand
  • Mobile Optimized – More than 50% of web traffic is on mobile
  • Accessibility wizard – So everyone can enjoy and learn
  • HTTPS & SSL certificates included – Secure websites inspire trust
  • Innovative App Marketplace – Create and share your own apps, or use integrations designed by other Promote Web libraries built to enhance your web experience

For those who missed the conversation or would like to share it, the on-demand webinar is available online here.

What separates Vega Promote Web from other popular web platforms? As Maria said, “Integrations. We are developing and testing initial integrations, which are built as apps that can be added to a Promote Web site. They will support Polaris and Sierra patron authentication and account display, Vega Discover showcases, and Vega Program events. We’ll add more apps as time goes by, and the exciting part is we can support library-developed apps too, which can then be shared with all Promote Web customers through our own private app marketplace.”

If this sounds exciting but you’re not sure how to get started, we offer different packages to fit your needs. As Maria put it, “We will meet you where you need us to meet you—if you want to do this on your own, we will turn the keys over to you. You own your site. If you want hand-holding or you want us to implement for you, we offer that as well.”

How soon can you start?  

Vega Promote Web is available today for libraries of all types. To learn more, contact your Innovative Account Manager or our info team.