Winners Announced in Sierra Crisis Management Challenge


Hello Innovative Users!

Pairwise has concluded for the Sierra Crisis Management challenge and we have winners!

Designed to focus specifically on policy and schedule changes brought on by safety concerns around the Coronoavirus pandemic, this challenge garnered 25 ideas and received 799 votes.

The Winners 


Submission:  Allow date ranges in Days Closed table

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Sam Cook

Proposed for: Sierra 5.4, 2021

Idea Description: “We should be able to add date ranges into the Days Closed table, in addition to the single dates and days of the week that we can already do.”“Here’s a prime example of the value of Idea Lab,” says Toni Minick, Vice President of Product Management.  “Our contributors are closest to what is important to the operation of a library, and they are in the best position to tell Innovative what we can do to save library staff a meaningful amount of time.”


Submission:  Batch update hold pickup dates

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Tracy Babiasz

Proposed for: Sierra 5.4, 2021

Idea Description: “Add a way to mass update the hold pickup date for a batch of holds, perhaps using rapid or global update.”Toni Minick adds, “We’ve considered this idea before, but it has become especially important as libraries deal with unexpected and extended library closures. We’re happy to be able to add this batch operation to Sierra to better deal with the unexpected.”


Submission:  Globally Purge Charges by AFTER date

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Tamarack Hockin

Proposed for: Sierra 5.4, 2021

Idea Description: “Globally Purge Charges currently only allows for fines incurred before a date. We would like to target and waive fines assessed after a given date.”“We are becoming more and more aware of what needs to be done to accommodate unanticipated changes in library operation, and being flexible with fines and batch updating are key parts of that process,” says Toni.

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Thanks again to our wonderful Idea Lab Leadership team 

  • Jeremy Goldstein, Minuteman Library Network
  • Cecilia Smiley, Lee County Library System
  • Maisam Nouh, The Ferguson Library
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS Library System


And special thanks to your moderators and expert reviewers:

  • Beth Juhl
  • Cathy Lamoureaux
  • Sarah Frieldsmith
  • Susan Johns-Smith
  • Laura Lazaraton
  • Nicole Turzillo

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