Bring the Digital Library Experience to Life with Vega


Libraries pride themselves on a legacy of high-quality, in-person interactions inside the library walls. Today’s challenge is finding the most effective ways to transfer that same engaging experience to your patrons—now in the digital world. Innovative has the solution and tools to help you re-imagine and deliver a more personalized, on-demand Library Experience (LX).

In a nutshell, the Library Experience (LX) describes everything related to how your community perceives and feels about your library. After listening to the challenges that today’s libraries face, we gave careful consideration to how leading with a community-first mindset and developing state-of-the-art technology through our new Vega platform could help you transform your library’s digital presence.

Explore our eBook, “Re-imagining the Library Experience” to learn:

  • How Innovative approaches the Library Experience (LX)
  • The 5 guiding principles of LX
  • What’s included in the Vega suite of tools
  • How Vega empowers libraries to deepen community connections and creates a full library experience