How Libraries Can Plan for the Unexpected


The past year has been a learning experience in the unexpected for everyone. But it has also given libraries a chance to start thinking about how to be prepared in the future.

For libraries, the unexpected may be a natural disaster that causes closings and material loss or a cyberattack that threatens data and operations security. Having a plan for what to do when the unexpected occurs can mean an emergency doesn’t need to be a catastrophe.

Has your library put together a disaster response plan? Read our white paper, “Planning for a Disaster: What Librarians Should Know” to learn about what’s needed to resume services as quickly as possible:

  • Preparation – How to assess your risks and identify what needs to be done in case of disaster and who is going to do it
  • Response – From the vital first steps when disaster strikes to making sure your people and assets are safe
  • Recovery – What professionals can help with and your responsibilities for insurance purposes