Innovative Envisions an AI-Assisted Future for Patron Discovery and Engaging Library Experiences


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, announced today an on-going research initiative to explore how generative artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the patron discovery experience when searching and browsing library resources. 

On the stage at the Innovative Users Group annual conference, Yariv Kursh, Innovative General Manager and Senior Vice President, shared insights about the library platform of the future, powered by innovation. A secure platform that would continue to manage library workflows, engage with the community, create seamless library experiences, and, notably, use generative AI to address user needs and enhance the library experience across interactions.  

Kursh demonstrated what an online catalog might look like with an AI-powered assistant. Users could engage in more conversational interactions, asking the AI assistant to help them find a certain type of book or get help with homework projects.  

“We are always focused on our different user personas, asking ourselves ‘How can we help libraries personalize services for patrons? How can we help libraries offer a seamless library experience across all platforms and channels?’ And we think AI will play a part in those answers,” said Kursh. 

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