Innovative website has a new look


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is proud to unveil its redesigned website, marking a significant milestone in our long-term brand migration strategy and unwavering dedication to our Think forward™ ethos.

Designed in the Clarivate signature color palette, the website embodies our ongoing commitment to deliver a seamless and inclusive user experience. This visual transformation reinforces our unified global identity as part of the Clarivate master brand.

“This refreshed design reflects our ongoing commitment to progress, ushering in a new era of library experiences for institutions, patrons, and communities worldwide. With over four decades of leading software development and services, Innovative remains steadfast in delivering modern solutions and transformative experiences to all our customers and their patrons.” says Lester Owencroft, Vice President of Product Marketing. “This website redesign is a testament to our enduring commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering advanced solutions to our stakeholders across the globe.”

Innovative joined Clarivate in December of 2021 when Clarivate acquired ProQuest.

To view the newly designed website, visit