Opelika Public Library joins the Vega LX family


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is proud to announce that Opelika Public Library in Alabama has selected Vega Discover as their new discovery layer.

Opelika Public Library, a long-time Polaris library, offers their community of 30,000 spaces for meetings, literacy resources, genealogy research, and online access to 24/7 resources for education and entertainment. The library also has a Storywalk, where residents can read as they walk. In 2022, Opelika opened a Musical Garden, where walkers have access to bells, a xylophone, and a samba.

“The Opelika Public Library mission is to empower the community to have fun while they discover, connect, and grow,” says Rosanna McGinnis, Library Director. “That mission drives everything we do, including the tools we choose. It was time to update our public catalog and we are so excited that the Vega Discovery layer will make discovering what you want to find so much simpler.”

Vega Discover is the responsive and accessible discovery module of the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite of patron engagement tools. Vega LX is a cloud-based platform that allows library staff to easily communicate and manage a full range of materials, programs, and services.

Vega LX works seamlessly with ILS solutions Sierra and Polaris. To learn more about the Polaris ILS or the Vega LX platform, visit iii.com or contact Innovative today.