Polaris 6.0 Paves Way For Web App Credit Card Payments, New Filters and Displays in PowerPAC


Innovative is happy to announce Polaris Release 6.0 is now in general release, offering libraries powerful new features, including enhancements to the PowerPAC and the Polaris Web Application.

New Features in Polaris 6.0 PowerPAC include:

  • New Reading Level Ranges. The PowerPAC now features the ability to filter search results by up to 15 Lexile reading level ranges.
  • One-click Requests. Displayed on search results pages and full display pages for single titles, one-click requests allow logged-in patrons to place title-level hold requests with a single click.

 New Features in Polaris 6.0 Web Application include:

  • Ecommerce Implementation. Available to libraries licensed for Polaris credit card payments and who integrate with Envisionware or Comprise. Users can now process integrated credit card payments wherever payments are accepted.
  • Holds Request Manager. To manage regular and interlibrary loan requests, Polaris 6.0 users can now access a Hold Request Manager workform.
  • Recall Recent Records. Recall records that were recently closed by clicking a new Recent tab on the Workform Tracker. Staff can now store and access up to 99 recently-opened patron, item, and bibliographic records.

For a comprehensive look at all new features offered in Polaris 6.0, library partners can review the Polaris Release 6.0 announcement in the Innovative Supportal.

For more information on the flexible and scalable Polaris solution for your library, visit the Innovative website.