Polaris 7.0 Improves Cataloging, Acquisitions Features for Leap


Innovative is happy to announce that Polaris 7.0 is in general release, offering many enhancements to Polaris libraries.

Leap Cataloging Enhancements:

This suite of new features empowers cataloging staff to manage bibliographic data anytime, anywhere using the Polaris Leap web interface. Cataloging in Leap also has the added benefit of easily supporting increased font size through browser zoom.

  • MARC record import – It is now possible to import MARC records into Leap to use as a basis for cataloging. This includes the ability to generate or update item records and create record sets from the import file, as well as manage import jobs through the jobs queue.
  • MARC edit for bibliographic records – Users can now edit the MARC fields of bibliographic records in Leap. This includes several new keyboard shortcuts to streamline editing.
  • Automatic authority control – Leap now supports automatic authority control.
  • Creating bibliographic records – Libraries can now create bibliographic records within Leap from scratch, from templates, or by copying existing records. The ability to create MARC records from templates originated in Idea Lab, where libraries propose and vote on new features.
Leap Acquisitions Improvements
  • Shelf-ready item check in – Acquisitions staff can now use Leap to receive new materials.
  • Ability to find, view, and pay invoices – Leap can be used to view and pay invoices.
Additional Enhancements
  • Streamlined patron address updates – Thanks to an Idea Lab submission, libraries can opt in to a new System Administration setting that will empower patrons to edit their addresses directly, without approval or processing from staff, or patron address verification blocks. This means patron address updates submitted from PowerPAC, Mobile PAC or PAPI can be immediately applied to the patron record.
  • New PAPI endpoints – New endpoints facilitate automated creation of MARC records, purchase orders, and on-order item records. Baker and Taylor will be the first vendor to use these endpoints with their TS360 product. This is another features that originated in Idea Lab.

We also recommend taking the opportunity to review and upgrade your operating system and SQL version to 2016 or higher. This is the last year Polaris releases will support SQL Server 2012.

Detailed release notes are available on the Innovative Supportal (login required).

Customers can view the Polaris roadmap online anytime and contribute to the roadmap by participating in Idea Lab.