Polaris 7.2 brings SSO support, new serials and acquisitions features to Leap, and more patron empowerment


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is proud to announce the release of Polaris 7.2. This release introduces single sign-on (SSO) functionality and expanded technical services in Leap, making it even faster and easier for staff to log in to Leap and expanding what you can do from any internet-connected laptop or tablet.

With Polaris 7.2, the Polaris Leap web interface now supports SSO integration using OAUTH authentication with Active Directory Federated Services. This means that libraries hosted by Innovative can authenticate staff logins in Leap using their local Active Directory credentials, rather than their Polaris hosted credentials.

This release also adds acquisitions functionality to Leap to credit invoice line items and miscellaneous invoices with header charges. Users can also cancel, undo receipt, and modify purchase order line items.

When working with serials, you can now use Leap to create serial holding records, and there is a new publication pattern workform. You can also close, delete and reopen publication patterns from the serial holdings record.

Polaris 7.2 includes two enhancements to the patron self-registration process. It is now possible to configure a system-defined self-registration barcode format and disable the default system block applied to patron accounts during self-registration. This makes it easier for new patrons to use their barcode immediately with library services offered outside of Polaris.

For a complete feature list, click here to read the full What’s New in Polaris 7.2.

If you are ready to schedule your upgrade to Polaris 7.2, please contact your site manager at 1-877-857-1978.

We’re also having a webinar on what’s new in Polaris 7.2 on June 8 at 1pm EDT; register here.

To schedule a Polaris demo for your library, Contact Innovative.