Polaris 7.3 introduces visiting patron functionality with INN-Reach, manual acquisitions in Leap, and hold cancellations


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is pleased to announce the launch of Polaris 7.3—the latest version of our award-winning integrated library system. This release introduces new INN-Reach visiting patron functionality, additional technical services in Leap, and the launch of several highly requested customer enhancements.

Visiting patron functionality with Polaris:

When enabled, this feature allows patrons who have access to library resources as part of an INN-Reach system to borrow materials directly from the circulation desk at a partner library, instead of creating an INN-Reach request. For INN-Reach libraries that are geographically close, this enables the patron to skip the wait time on shipping—giving them instant access to the requested materials.

Manual acquisitions and additional cataloging functions in Leap:

For technical services in Leap, this release introduces workflows to support manual acquisitions processing (i.e., with non-automated vendors) and expands functionality for managing MARC records. In acquisitions, users with permission can now manually create purchase orders, line items, and segments. Invoices can be created manually or be created by copying purchase order lines. Additionally, purchase order lines can be manually marked as received. This release also features several new views on the work forms to make navigating between linked records easier. For cataloging, Polaris 7.3 adds support for MARC editing of authority records and additional duplicate detection options.

Customer enhancements:

In Polaris 7.3, it is now possible to enable cancellation of hold requests in a held status (for patrons and staff). This development adds a new view to the picklist so staff can easily identify items to pull from the hold shelf when the hold request is cancelled. This release also includes support for more secure patron passwords by increasing the maximum length, supporting additional characters, and making it easier for patrons using password managers to update their password in PAC.

This release also includes support for Borrow-by-Mail requests in Leap and an update for our OCLC Direct to Review integration to support the latest ISO standard.

“I’m very excited to release the cancel held functionality,” said Samantha Quell, Senior Product Manager. “This has been a long-anticipated enhancement request and I want to thank all the libraries who helped provide initial feedback. As the patron of a Polaris library, I can’t wait to use this functionality myself!”

For a complete feature list, click here to read the full What’s New in Polaris 7.3.

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