Sierra 5.2 Create List improvements, Improved Security


Innovative is happy to announce that Sierra 5.2 is in general release, offering numerous enhancements to Sierra libraries. Throughout the extensive testing period, our beta partners were instrumental in making sure Sierra 5.2 is stable and fully functional for all workflows.


Highlights of new features in 5.2:

  • “AND NOT” boolean operator in Create List allows negation of operators that do not currently allow negation, or negation of a group of OR-ed criteria.  (Winner of the Level Up! Sierra Create Lists challenge in October 2019.)
  • Display name on circulation emails will be the Branch Name from Branch Addresses for the From: and Reply-To: headers on circulation notices.
  • Consistent navigation and improved accessibility in My Account. In My Account, WebPAC no longer hides the navigation entry for the currently visible patron information.  Further, several accessibility flaws in the patron function table in My Account have been resolved by adding labels to form elements and simplifying the table structure for easier parsing by screen readers.
  • “Remember me” does not save passwords in the SDA when a user chooses to “Remember me on this computer.”  Only the username will be stored and pre-populated.
  • Default to not exempt when creating new Sierra users. When creating a new user in the Admin App, the default value for the “Exempt” setting, which exempts the user from Password Policies, will now be “No”.
  • Patron name now optional in emails generated for acquiring ILL Requests.  Contact Innovative Support to configure whether to suppress the patron name from ILL emails.
  • Java Version Updates. Security and scan compliance is improved with updates to the Sierra Java distribution initially installed by the Windows installer, and running internally within Sierra App Server in Sierra Web.
  • Install and run SDA on MacOS Catalina


For a complete look at all the notable changes in Sierra 5.2, we invite library partners to review the Release Notes in the Innovative Supportal.